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FD 6100 Inserter

The affordability of this inserter eliminates the necessity to send out tens of thousands of mail pieces to justify the cost of automation. With the FD 6100 any size company can enjoy the benefits of automated folding and inserting.

FD 6202 Inserters

The 6202 Series brings advanced folding & inserting technology and flexibility to the office environment with four configurations available to meet your processing needs

FD 6302 Inserters

The 6302 Series is ideal for processing documents in a timely and hassle-free manner and offers a low-noise level and small footprint for the office environment. The 6302 Series Inserters offer two models for your specific job needs

FD 6402 Inserters

Available in six basic configurations, the 6402 Series can be adapted for almost any folding and inserting application. Two, four and six station models are available to meet your particular folding and inserting needs.

FD 6602 Inserters

The versatile 6602 Series provides power and flexibility in a design that's easy to use. Two, four and six-station models offer a combination of standard and special feeders

FD 6900 Inserters

The 6900 Series Inserters are the most powerful and versatile tabletop systems available. Up to four feed stations are capable of reaching speeds up to 4,300 pieces/hour and handling up to 120,000 inserts per month.