Shelton Presort and Mailing Systems can operate as your Company mailroom. Our professional staff can pick up and meter your mail at the lowest discounted postage rate available and submit it to the USPS the same day. Save money on postage, labor, equipment costs, meter rental, and supplies by having Shelton meter your mail today.


Key Benefits:

  • Save on expenses like manpower, ink, and meter rental fees
  • Concise and transparent invoicing. All postage spent is shown in an easy to understand manner.
  • Need departmental breakdown for Accounting. We can do that!
  • Save dollars by having your mail processed at the lowest postage rate available.
  • Ensure that your mail always goes out. No more equipment failures causing important communication delays.
  • Guranteed to cost less than your current metering system from Pitney Bowes or Neopost.




Rates:  Price calculated and based on mail volume submitted

Type of Mail Price per piece
Letters 3¢ - 5¢ + postage
Flats under 3/8" thick 3¢ - 6¢ + postage
Flats over 3/8" thick 7¢ + postage
Parcels/Priority Mail/Certified* 10¢ + postage
Post Office drop w/Round Date $10.00

 *Special Handling per occurence (Certified, Registered, Insured)