Address Cleansing

Effective November 23, 2008, the USPS revised the Move Update standard in order to increase the volume of deliverable mail. They increased the minimum frequency of Move Update processing from 185 days to 95 days prior to the mailing date. In addition, the USPS expanded Move Update to include automation-rate and presort-rate First-Class Mail as well as Standard Mail (letters and flats, parcels, and non-flat-machinables).

Ensure your compliance and reduce the amount of money wasted on returned or undeliverable-as-Addressed (UAA) mail by having your address list CASS certified and checked against the National Change of Address (NCOA) database.

Why Cleanse?

  • Each year, over 45 million people and over 2.3 million businesses move
  • On the average, mailing lists deteriorate over 1% a month
  • Over 300 million pounds of paper is wasted each year on UAA mailings
  • UAA mail costs the USPS over $2 billion annually
  • UAA mail costs direct mailers over $6 billion annually


CASS Certified™ for address correction
Standardize abbreviations and address formats to USPS guidelines, correct the spelling of streets and cities and verify deliverability, includes DPV®, LACSLink® and SuiteLink™ processing. Add missing postal data including nine-digit ZIP® codes, eLOT® and carrier route numbers, delivery points and more.

PAVE™ certified postal presorting and bulk mailing
Sort address lists for the lowest possible postal rates and generate all required USPS documentation, reports and postage statements. The Mail Sort wizard includes support for First-Class Mail®, Standard Mail® and Periodicals.

Real-time Move Update service
Use our built-in Move Update service to process lists against the full 48-month NCOALink data set in real-time. There’s no manual import/export and no messy data merge. The only change-of-address method that updates address lists BEFORE the mail is printed and sent, NCOALink processing meets USPS Move Update requirements for First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail® discounts.

USPS® documentation
Generate all required documentation including the Qualification report, USPS Form 3553, postage statements, and others.

List cleansing
The included Duplication Search tool offers multiple search options and field combinations for precise results.

Delivery Point Validation
By performing address data cleansing down to the delivery point level, addresses with missing apartment or suite numbers can be identified and flagged for manual correction.

Mail list preparation for bulk mailing
Please contact us for all your marketing needs. We can offer print, cut, fold, insert, addressing, and presort services!

Multiple file transfer methods fo sending your database:

  • FTP site for file upload by customer
  • Secure email portal for reciept of data-dile
  • COLD file transfers, such as CD's and secure pen drives


# of Records Price
< 50,000. $5.00 / 1000 records*
50,001 to 100,000 $3.00 / 1000 records
100,000 to 250,000 $2.25 / 1000 records
> 250,000 Call for pricing

 *Minimum charge of $25